War Cemetery Brunssum


ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. An ANBI contributes in some way to the common good. It can be a charity, a cultural or scientific institution. It can also be a church or organization with a particular philosophy.


The Internal Revenue Service sets conditions for an organization to be an ANBI. An organization that meets these conditions is granted ANBI status. This is attractive to donors because donations to an ANBI can provide tax benefits. This applies to both individual donations through the gift deduction and periodic donations. An ANBI itself does not pay inheritance or gift tax.

An ANBI must focus 90% of its efforts on the common good. It must not be for profit and must meet requirements of integrity. The leadership or board may not make decisions about the assets as if they were private assets. Nor may an ANBI have too many assets. There are strict rules for expense reimbursements. And a policy plan is mandatory. Costs and expenses must be reasonably balanced. Furthermore, an ANBI must publish a number of fixed details on an internet site.

Since 2012, an organization can be called a cultural ANBI. Those who give to cultural ANBIs can receive additional tax benefits through the gift deduction and through periodic gifts.


War Cemetery Brunssum ANBI

St. War Cemetery Brunssum is a certified Public Benefit Organization (ANBI)
This means that you can benefit as a donor.
In the Netherlands, your gift is fully deductible from your taxable income and therefore you receive part of your donation back from the tax authorities. Donations that are not recorded in writing as a periodic donation/gift are not or only partially deductible.
By recording the donation in writing, you can:

  • have more money left over from your annual donations
  • donate more without costing you more.


The tax benefit depends on your income, the income of your tax partner and the age of both of you. This benefit can be up to 52%.