Objectives & house rules

War Cemetery Brunssum

Objectives & house rules

Objectives & house rules of the War Cemetery Brunssum Foundation

Purpose of the Foundation

Foundation War Cemetery Brunssum offers interested parties the opportunity to adopt a grave of a fallen liberator.

Furthermore, the Foundation sees the management of the adoption register as one of the spearheads of its tasks.

House rules

The adoption of a grave of a fallen liberator at War Cemetery Brunssum means:

  • Visiting the grave. The frequency is determined by the adopter himself.
  • Laying flowers at the grave on special occasions (e.g. National Remembrance Day May 4th , Poppy Day November 11th or in the Christmas period and/or date of death of the soldier).


In connection with maintenance work, any decoration other than cut flowers is undesirable.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is the responsible organization for the construction and maintenance of War Cemetery Brunssum.

The maintenance team, with base in Mierlo, is responsible for the daily maintenance of this cemetery. The flower borders in all Commonwealth cemeteries, all over the world, are laid out according to a specific schedule that has to be respected.
We therefore must point out to all adopters that the removal and planting of plants and shrubs is strictly prohibited. Only cut flowers or the official poppy wreaths of the Royal British Legion are allowed to be placed on the graves. We count and trust in your understanding and cooperation.

The adopters receive a certificate on which the personal data of the liberator known to the Foundation and the cemetery are stated. As a contribution for the administration costs, an annual donation with a minimum of € 5.00 per grave is requested. In addition, there is the possibility to adopt a grave for life time for € 100.00. The contribution can be transferred to account:
NL35 RBRB 0929 4919 12 in the name of Stichting War Cemetery. If you are fortunate enough to be able to support the Foundation with a larger amount, this will be accepted with extraordinary gratitude. In addition, donations from individuals, entrepreneurs and companies are more than welcome.

The Board of the Foundation consists exclusively of volunteers, meaning that the entire income is spent on matters such as e.g. flower laying, the welcoming of family members and the maintenance of the website.

The Foundation has been recognized in the Netherlands by the Tax and Customs Administration as a Public Benefit Organization, in short: an ANBI. As a result, a donation to the Foundation is completely exempt from gift and inheritance tax. The Foundation is therefore an officially recognized Charity. In addition, you can deduct a donation to the Foundation from the taxable amount for your income or corporate tax (in the Netherlands). The legislator opens up a number of possibilities for this, including in the form of a periodic donation.

The Foundation kindly requests adopters to keep the secretary informed of all changes that are important for keeping the adoption register up to date. This includes changes of address, email or n case of death. Parents who pass on their adoption to children are also requested to notify the Foundation.