War Cemetery Brunssum

“Geef hun verhalen door. Want hun verhalen vormen het hart van onze herinneringen. Herinneringen aan Uriah, David, Stanley, Jack, Albert en de 323 anderen waarmee ze hier, temidden van onze levens, hun laatste rustplaats delen.”

Wilma van der Rijt
burgemeester van de gemeente Brunssum

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328 honorary citizens

In gratitude for the sacrifice made more than 75 years ago for our freedom.



Every year on May 4 Remembrance Day (NL) and on November 11 Remembrance Day (Poppy Day).

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History of the Wyvern Cemetery in Brunssum


Brunssum was liberated in September 1944 by American troops (2nd AD Division); they were soon followed by the British 43rd (Wessex) Division, who had made their headquarters in the town, and were in turn succeeded by the 52nd (Lowland) Division.

The first graves in the cemetery were made by a forward field hospital (military medical post usually located behind the front line and just out of range of enemy artillery) located in Merkelbeek in November 1944.

Their Sacrifice will never be forgotten

328 Honorary Citizens of Brunssum

The 328 British soldiers who are buried in the Brunssum War Cemetery received honorary citizenship from the municipality of Brunssum. With this award, Brunssum expresses deep gratitude for the sacrifice these men made for our freedom more than 75 years ago.

During the celebration of 75 years of liberation of Brunssum, on Thursday, September 19, 2019, the ceremony took place in which the honorary citizenship was awarded posthumously.


They came to Brunssum as young men

Wilma van der Rijt

    "Pass on their stories. Because their stories are at the heart of our memories. Memories of Uriah, David, Stanley, Jack, Albert and the 323 others with whom they share their final resting place here, in the midst of our lives."

    Wilma van der Rijt

    Mayor of the municipality of Brunssum

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    Film recordings

    On 2023-08-18 we made film recordings for a documentary about all active war cemeteries in Limburg. The chairman and secretary gave text and explanation about the objectives of our foundation.

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    Visit the field of honor

    Where can you find War Cemetery Brunssum?

    The Commonwealth War Cemetery in Brunssum is a British Field of Honor located on the Heufstraat. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for the cemetery. If you want to visit Warcemetery Brunssum, you can plan your route below.